About Me

Hello Guys!

My name is William Prempeh and I’m currently a junior in OSU, majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Aviation. I’m a student pilot currently waiting on Ohio’s weather to get better to get some more flight time . Over the summer I worked during the US Senior open at the Scioto Country Club, but I’m currently unemployed and exploring passive income options.

I aspire to work on future flying vehicles and engines as well as have flying ratings for almost any flying vessel. Outside of school I love to travel, it makes me feel complete and makes the world feel alot smaller. I grew up in Africa and I’m a first generation student. So far i have done a good job in exploring the states. I also love nightlife entertainment because I’m nocturnal.

I occasionally get a good workout in and play soccer. I live with a cat currently and its sort of a love hate relationship but I’m hanging in there. My favorite animal is a horse and i love to go for rides during the summer when its nice out. When I dieĀ I hope to be remembered as one of the greatest philanthropist to ever walk the face of the earth. I’m a language fanatic and enjoying engaging with people from different cultures. I hope to help increase the rate at which Africa is developing in terms of infrastructure and technology.