Managing and Preventing Damage from Wildlife in Fruits & Vegetables

Hello Wild Side Readers,

Thanks for visiting once again, and if you are new here – welcome! It’s mid-September, and for me, that means Farm Science Review time. The Farm Science Review is a farm show second to none that takes place every year for three days at the Molly Caren Ag. Center in London, Ohio. Folks come from all over the country peruse 4,000 product lines from 600 commercial exhibitors, and learn the latest in agricultural production.

During the Farm Science Review, you can find me at the Gwynne Conservation Area, a 67-acre demonstration and education area for agriculture and natural resources management practices. The Gwynne is home to a natural stream, wetland, ponds, windbreak plantings, crop tree plantings, wildlife food plots, soil pit, riparian forests, dry hydrant, and much more! During the review, the Gwynne is a great place to learn about natural resources – check out our line-up of talks here.

This year, I left the Gwynne for a brief visit to the main grounds of the Farm Science Review to give a talk on wildlife damage in fruits and vegetables. Below are the slides from that presentation, and as always, additional resources.

Slide SetManaging and Preventing Damage from Wildlife in Fruits & Vegetables

Additional Resources on Birds, Deer, and Raccoons in Vineyards

Additional Resources on Deer

Vole Publications:

Groundhog Publications:

If you visited the Farm Science Review this year, and the Gwynne Conservation Area, I hope you enjoyed your time. If you missed it this year…come see us in 2024!

Marne Titchenell

Extension Wildlife Program Director

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