Protecting Livestock from Black Vulture and Coyote Predation

Hello Wild Side Readers,

I’ve been delving into several new topics (for me at least). The previous post was about managing wildlife damage on grape farms, and this one addresses issues with predation on livestock. I’m specifically focusing on coyotes and black vultures. While livestock producers have been mitigating issues with coyotes for many years now, black vulture predation has come onto the map in the past few decades. Below are resources for preventing loss due to black vultures and coyotes. Recently, I gave a presentation to the Jackson County Farmer’s Club, and the slide set from that program is also included below. I hope this information is useful!

Marne Titchenell

Wildlife Program Specialist

Dealing with Conflict: Black Vultures and Coyote – slide set from Jackson Co. program

Fact sheets:

Additional Resources

If you see black vultures with a red wing band, please report to – 

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