Managing Damage from Wildlife in Vineyards

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Vineyards provide habitat resources such as food and shelter to wildlife. Species such as deer, birds, and raccoons can cause damage through loss of fruit and foraging on new and existing shoots. The extent of damage varies by region in relation to climate, terrain, and wildlife species present. Often, an integrated approach using one or more management options can be effectively used to lessen and prevent damage from wildlife. Management options include exclusion such as netting and fencing, harassment such as acoustic and visual deterrents, use of chemical repellents, lethal techniques (trapping, hunting), and habitat modification. Habitat modification requires modifying the attractant, usually, food or shelter, within or nearby the vineyard. For example, eliminating tall grass or shrubby cover within and around the vineyard

I was recently invited to give a presentation at the 2023 Ohio Grape and Wine Conference. I discussed management options for preventing and mitigating conference from birds, deer, and raccoons in vineyards. Below are the slides that were presented, as well as several additional resources. I very much appreciated the invitation to present and hope the below information is useful!

Marne Titchenell

Wildlife Program Specialist

Managing and Preventing Damage from Deer, Raccooons, and Birds – PowerPoint slide set

Fact Sheets and Online Resources:

References Research:

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