Dealing with the Modern Day Bambi

Hello Wild Side Readers,

This evening I had the pleasure of speaking with some residents of Butler County about managing deer in urban and rural areas. There is no question that deer are one of the species that I get the most questions about. White-tailed deer are very comfortable living among us, whether we live in rural or urban Ohio. The webinar I gave is posted here, if you would like to watch it.

In the presentation, I discussed a number of management options from repellents to scare tactics to modifying the attractant (usually food) to hunting. Throughout the presentation, I referenced several publications and sources of additional information. You can find them all below. Enjoy and good luck with all your Bambi encounters!

Info on Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD):

Wildlife Crop Damage Publications:

Managing Deer Conflict:

Resources for Community leaders:

For help managing your woods for deer:

For more webinars and learning opportunities on managing woodlands and wildlife:

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