Ssssssnakes and Other Ohio Reptiles

Hello Wild Side Readers!

I had the pleasure of putting together a reptiles of Ohio presentation for the State Master Gardener Volunteer Conference. The presentation got me thinking that I also needed to do a blog article sharing some resources on these critters, as I frequently get ID questions on them. Below are some of my go-to resources when it comes to Reptile ID (I know there are others out there, so let me know in the comments of others I should add to my list).

Reptile ID resources:

If you want to learn more:

  • Check out this presentation by Brian Hackett, Wildlife Specialist with the Knox County Soil & Water Conservation District. I’ve learned so much watching Brian’s presentations.
    • Ohio Snake Identification
    • This presentation was made the 2020 Farm Science Review Online. Visit here a full list of wildlife related talks from this year’s FSR.


Marne Titchenell

Wildlife Program Specialist

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