WICL: Past & Upcoming

WICL-1 (2012)
Host institution: The Ohio State University
Organizers: Tsz-Him Tsui 徐子謙 (co-chair, Linguistics) and Marjorie K.M. Chan 陳潔雯 (co-chair, DEALL); Yutian Tan 譚雨田, Litong Chen 陳利砼, and Zhiguo Xie 解志国.
Dates: 16-17 March 2012
Program: Program Book (pdf)

WICL-2 (2014)
Host institution: University of Chicago
Organizer: Alan C. L. Yu 余梓麟
Date: 7 March 2014
Program: Program Page (online)

WICL-3 (2016)
Host institution: The Ohio State University
Organizers: Marjorie K.M. Chan 陳潔雯, Litong Chen 陳利砼, Yutian Tan 譚雨田, and Tsz-Him Tsui 徐子謙
Dates: 12-13 March 2016
Program: Program Book (pdf)

WICL-4 (2018)
Host institution: University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada)
Organizers: Raymond Pai, Qian Wang, and Zoe Lam
Dates: 23-24 June 2018
Theme: Cantonese Linguistics in the Pacific Rim: Theory and Applications
Program: Program Book (pdf)
Held back-to-back with: Cantonese Worlds 2 Workshop (21-22 June 2018)

WICL-5 (2020)
Host institution: The Ohio State University
Organizers: Marjorie K.M. Chan 陳潔雯, Zhiguo Xie 解志国, Ye Jinwei 叶锦威, and Ruan Junyu 阮君宇
Date: 19 April 2020 

  • to be a one-day event that will be held in conjunction with our department’s DEALL 50th Anniversary celebration