• A graduate interdisciplinary specialization involves two or more graduate programs, and you must take nine credit hours outside of your home program in at least three courses. Thus, if you are an EEOB student, you must enroll in the ANTHROP version of the courses to meet the specialization requirements.
  • Credit hours can include courses that are required as part of your degree program.
  • Apply for the Specialization through OSU Graduate School at this address: The plan code in SIS for the Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization in Wicked Sciences is WICKSCI-IS.
  • When you have completed the specialization, you must complete the GIS transcript designation form in GRADFORMS for final review. Once reviewed and approved by the GIS program and the Graduate School, the designation will be posted to the student’s academic record. See the above link for more information.
  • The advising sheet has all the information about the program requirements.