My name is Kait Whitesell and below are my descriptions for how I will achieve my G.O.A.L.S. in the honors program.

Global Awareness: I will take courses that are with a diverse group of students. In class, I will be respectful of different cultures and opinions/ differences. I plan on studying abroad at some point through my college experience to gain this larger global perspective and learn about different cultures. With studying abroad, I want to  gain a deeper understanding of different backgrounds and learn more of the history behind a country that isn’t the country where I was born.

Original Inquiry: I plan on taking advanced research coursework in psychology to expose me to a higher content in education. I plan on doing an internship in child psychology to work with researchers and learn more about the research side of the career I want to pursue. I would like to potentially become involved with research a professor is doing and get exposure to the research field in psychology. Over the summer, I am going to apply to volunteer at a children’s hospital to give back to the community and become familiar with my potential future career atmosphere. I would like to do this for a couple of years to get more and more experience. 

Academic Enrichment: I plan on taking more advanced classes for my major and minors. For my major in psychology, I want to take advanced sequence courses in clinical and counseling psychology. For my minor in English, I plan on taking advanced writing classes or further my writing skills. Also, I want to pursue the Disney College program and this will allow me to pursue more academic enrichment opportunities outside of the classroom.

Leadership Development: I am in Psychology Club and The Happiest Club On Earth: A Disney Themed Club. I plan to stay in these clubs and apply for leadership positions in both of them. I plan on volunteering at a hospital and learning leadership techniques in doing so. I also want to do a clinical or counseling internship in child psychology. The volunteering and internship will teach me valuable leadership skills such as how to interact with professionals and patients in my future career field.

Service Engagement: I will continue to be in the Psychology club and Disney-themed club I am in. In both clubs, there’s community service that can be done in both. As I’ve said for my other statements, I will volunteer in a children’s hospital to gain experience and give back to the community. 

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