Enhancing Quality and Controllability of Neural Natural Language Generation

Facebook Collaborative Research Agreement, 2019–2022

Collaborators: Huan Sun, Ashley Lewis, Xintong Li, Aleksandre Maskharashvili, Lingbo Mo, Symon Stevens-Guille


Using Automatically Generated Paraphrases and Discriminative ASR Training to Author Robust Question-Answering Dialogue Systems

NSF IIS – Robust Intelligence Grant, 2016–2021

Collaborators: Douglas Danforth, Eric Fosler-Lussier, William Schuler, Evan Jaffe, Lifeng Jin, David King, Adam Stiff


Closing the Loop: Inducing High-Precision Grammars for Generating Disambiguating Paraphrases

NSF IIS – Robust Intelligence Grant, 2013–2017

Collaborators:  Manjuan Duan, David Howcroft; James Curran, James Constable


Virtual patients simulations to assess data-gathering and clinical reasoning


National Board of Medical Examiners, 2013–2015

Collaborators: Douglas Danforth, Eric Fosler-Lussier, William Schuler, Evan Jaffe


Monolingual Multiword Alignment and Grammar-Based Paraphrase Generation for Detecting Semantic Similarity and Evaluating MT

AFRL – Subcontract to BBN, 2012

Collaborators:  Scott MartinDennis Mehay; Kapil Thadani


Exploratory Research on Acquiring and Adapting Sentence Planning Resources for Generating with Discourse CCG

NSF IIS – Robust Intelligence Grant, 2011–2014

Collaborators:  Dominic EspinosaDavid HowcroftRajakrishnan Rajkumar


Learning to Generate High Quality Paraphrases with a Broad Coverage Lexicalized Grammar

NSF IIS – Robust Intelligence Grant, 2008–2012

Collaborators:  Steve BoxwellDominic EspinosaScott MartinDennis MehayCrystal NakatsuRajakrishnan Rajkumar


Building Expressive Synthetic Voices for Conversational Systems

OSU Arts & Humanities Innovation Grant, 2007–2009

Collaborators:   Chris BrewDominic EspinosaEric Fosler-LussierKiwako ItoRajakrishnan RajkumarShari Speer