Service Spotlight: Students For Justice Postcard Making (Service) 24Sep20

Hello again! I attended the Service Spotlight: Students for Justice Service Event on September 24th, 2020 at 6:30pm. Diewo Camara led us through the activist opportunity provided by Students for Justice. She explained that the role would involve writing and sending postcards to de-registered rural minority voters. All of the postcards would be provided with a script to make them look great. “Reclaim our Vote” helps increase the voter turnout significantly as most people aren’t aware that they have been de-registered. It was appalling to me that the government was able to de-register voters with the intentions of targeting specific racial and socioeconomic groups. To contribute, I signed up to write a few postcards!

Prepping for a Virtual Career Fair (Professional Development)

Hi! I attended the “Prepping For a Career Fair Virtually” information session on September 3, 2020, at 5pm as Professional Development Event. What attracted me to this event was that I want to be more prepared for the Science Career Fair on October 6th. The career fairs this year are so different from last year was a result of Covid-19. This information session prepared me for the expected changes and taught me how to still be engaging through a video conference. Some advice Barbara Harvey gave us was to establish your purpose for attending the career fair. Then, register for actual fair, draft your resume, and sign-up for individual/group sessions with companies. On the actual day of the fair, it is important to maintain eye contact, be engaging, have an elevator speech, and have a question on hand. Lastly, she said that the most important step is to follow up with the employers within 48 hours. All of these tips are extremely helpful in planning for the Science Career Fair, and I look forward to using each one soon!

Multicultural Center Training 2-16-20 (Prof. Development)

I attended a Multicultural Center Training on February 16th, 2020 at 8pm in the Ohio Union. The program was led by Ashley Zong. She covered the widely-discussed yet controversial topics of identity, implicit bias, and diversity. Besides the insomnia cookies so graciously provided by Steven Blalock, the event was amazing. From the video that demonstrated the internal conflicts children go through everyday when they don’t understand why they may not feel comfortable in their own skin to the in-depth conversations about how implicit bias’ can be resolved, everyone was in tune with their morals and values. A few points in particular stood out to me. First, I did not realize that I could relate to my peers that feel out of place during family events because they do not physically represent their heritage as they may not look like their grandparents. Next, it was brought to my attention that when telling stories, people always assume every character is white unless stated otherwise. This seemed crazy to me because it is so true. It is these little displays of minoritizing that force me to rethink my actions and thoughts and how my past interactions are influencing my future relations with diverse populations. The last thing that stood out to me was the quote attached. I am extremely to have attend a session like this and look forward to attending more events sponsored by the Multicultural Center.

Late Night Breakfast 12-4-19 (Social)

Hello! This event happened a little while ago, but I attended the Late Night Breakfast on December 4th, 2019, from 9pm to 10:30pm in the Smith-Side kitchen. This social event was especially enjoyable because I was very stressed going into Finals Week. Moreover, the breakfast was in collaboration with PSL and ACES, which are two other scholars programs that work closely with the IA scholars program. The advisors of each program worked hard in the kitchen to make a delicious breakfast for about 100 of us. There was so much food that people even had the chance to grab stuff to take for breakfast the next morning. Throughout the night, I conversed and relaxed with my peers over bagels, fruit, eggs, bacon, pancakes, and UNO. We were all in the same stressful situation with our final exams looming over our heads, yet we made time for eachother. In addition, I got the chance to meet more of the upperclassmen that are in my scholars program. In college, someone’s time is precious as there is often not enough time in the day to do everything necessary. Overall, I really enjoyed the dinner, and I hope they do something similar to this for the spring semester.

Spring Student Involvement Fair 1-16-2020 (Campus)

At the Involvement Fair

Hello! I attended the Student Involvement Fair on January 16, 2020, at the Ohio Union from 4-7pm. I had a bit of a different experience than the average go-er. I was there with the Women’s Team Handball Club as we had a table and I am the Founder and President. There were a lot of people that came through the Fair, so we got to recruit a diverse group of women. This was particularly interesting because many people had heard about or took an interest in it depending on where they were from and how open their mind was to trying something new. Specifically, an Asian woman signed up to come play with us because she had seen our club practicing in the gyms before while she was on her way to play badminton. Moreover, we took turns going around to see all the different tables and displays the other clubs had to offer. Some of the displays were very creative and were very beautiful. All of this related to the International Affairs Scholars Program because three out of the five Women’s Team Handball Club’s original founders are members of the IA Scholars Program. This scholars group brought us together and allowed to leave a positive legacy at Ohio State. In addition, the Handball Team has attracted several international students, especially from Brazil as it is a popular sport for women there. Overall, I look forward to this upcoming semester with the team, and I am glad Ohio State puts on Involvement Fairs to help clubs get their name out there to students to join!

Peace Corps Informational Event 11-4-19 (Prof. Develop.)

Hello! I attended the Peace Corps Informational meeting on Thursday, November 14th, 2019 at 6pm in 136 Jennings Hall. What motivated me to attend this event was that my sister had been a part of the Peace Corps and traveled to China to teach English. Moreover, my involvement with the International Affairs Scholars Program contributed to my increased interest in the program as international travel and diplomacy is constantly encouraged. During the meeting, Laura Joseph, Ohio State’s Peace Corps coordinator, spoke on what the two-year commitment entails. There are six different program areas that a volunteer could end up serving, such as agriculture, education, health, environment, youth in development, or community economic development. In each job the same three goals apply: Help the people of interest, promote a better understanding of Americans, and better understand people outside of the Americas. She refers to the program as “soft diplomacy,” which is a topic that I studied in my IA Seminar class. Something that made the Peace Corps unappealing to me is that working in the health sector does not mean that I will be able to practice clinically, which is what I would like to do for a career. Overall, I am not sure if the Peace Corps is the most compatible program in relation to my future goals, but I am glad I attended the Informational Meeting and will keep this opportunity on my radar as I get closer to graduation.

Team USA Tournament in Montreal Oct 14-21 (Campus)

Hi guys! I’m back to tell about an exciting seven-day event I participated in from October 14th, 2019, to October 21st in Montreal, Canada. I was chosen to play along side eleven other women on Team USA for Team Handball. Playing on a national team was truly an honor and experience I will never forget. In huddle, our coach always reminded us that we are here for a reason and should wear USA on our backs proudly. I learned so much about the game of handball, and how to interact with other teams and refs that might not understand English. Our team was composed of girls that play all around the world for different school and club teams. Bonding and building chemistry with them off the court was difficult at times, but proved to be very rewarding on the court. A trip like this is exactly what the International Affairs Scholars Program is about: Connecting with those around us, exposing ourselves to new people, and maximizing our opportunities to learn. In my exit interview with the coaches, they emphasized how coachable I was, how I connected with the other women, how hard I worked, and then offered me the opportunity to tryout for the next tournament. I believe that the International Affairs Scholars Program prepared me for opportunities like this tournament where I was forced to assimilate to several other cultures and living styles as all the teams were housed in the same hotel. I hope to use the connections I made during the week to help advance the Ohio State Team Handball Club.

World Trivia Night 10-6-19 (Social)

Hello! This week I attended the International Affairs World Trivia Night on October 6th, 2019, in the Sky Lounge of Smith-Steeb at 7:30pm. I really enjoyed the event as I got to meet other International Affairs Scholar Program members. It can be difficult to get to know everyone in the program because there are so many of us. Additionally, this was a great time to relax and have fun with a friendly competition after doing homework all day on Sunday. To give a recap of the night, we split up into teams of two once everyone had arrived. My partner was a good friend of mine, Seth Cotler. He is also a first-year student and lives on the eighth floor right down the hall. We called ourselves “The Dream Team.” The trivia was an international quiz that tested us using the outlines of countries and then various flags. Identifying the different countries solely based off of their outline was a little difficult because there was no indication of size or context clues in the pictures. On the contrary, the flags were much easier to associate with the correct country because most of us had already familiarized ourselves with them before. Overall, Seth and I worked together to consult eachother on the best answer and trusted eachother’s initial instincts when one of us was not sure of the correct answer. We ended up finishing in third place, which won us some nifty IA gear. Altogether, this event showed me that it is ok to take a break sometimes to have fun and get to know the people around you.

United Nations Trivia Night (Academic) 10-1-19

Hello again! This week I attended the United Nations Trivia Night on October 1st, 2019, at 7:30pm in the Enarson Classroom Building. The event was hosted by the United Nations Association on campus. This was an interesting night to say the least. To elaborate, I found the games to be a harsh awakening to how little I really knew about the world’s alliances and its historical conflicts. Despite being in the International Affairs Scholars Program, where an emphasis is placed on staying up-to-date with the recent news, I was definitely guessing on at least half of the questions from the 3 main topics: International Conflicts, History of the United Nations, and Global History. Each section ranged from specific dates of certain events, such as when the Berlin Wall fell and what day the Korean War started, to the number of mortalities during the Wranda Genocide and what tribe was being suppressed. Overall, I found myself wishing I knew more about global historical conflicts. Once we finished the first topic, I knew that the other two sections were probably going to be rough and I needed to study, but I tried to keep an open mind and have faith in my abilities. I thought that I had a relatively extensive knowledge of global history; however, the Trivia Night proved that I should never be content with my current state and I should actively seek out opportunities to learn much more about what is going on outside of the United States.

Global Engagement Night-Brazil 9-24-19 (Campus)

Hi again! I attended the Global Engagement Night, which presented about Brazil on September 24th, 2019, in the Enarson Classroom Building at 6pm. It was a very high-energy event as we danced Samba and watch videos from Carnaval and of Brazilian Futebol. I even had the chance to converse with a woman from Brazil in Portuguese. I learned about her opinion of Ohio State’s Campus and the Columbus area, which she thought very highly of. We even got to bonding over a great authentic Brazilian restaurant/store called Estilo Brasil. This was a great way to relate my coursework and involvement with the International Affairs Scholars Program to foreign culture and experiences.

Moreover, during my junior year of high school, I was a Rotary International Youth Exchange Student to Brazil. The life that I led in Brazil and the relationships I made have influenced my decisions, especially when I came to Ohio State and joined IA. At The Ohio State University, diversity and inclusion of cultures around the world is exemplified all around campus throughout classes, student organizations, sports, and employment. I am extremely grateful to be a part of such a multicultural campus that enables me to grow academically, develop professionally, and obtain personal goals. Each experience and encounter I have at the University and in Columbus has been unique and provided insight to a deeper understanding of others. Overall, the Global Engagement Night about Brazil was a great reminder of why I came to Ohio State and how I can stay connected to the rest of the world.