Sid – Laser Tape Measure

In use: The laser tape measure has a detachable part shown here as the orange Post-It-Note hanging off the side of the wall. This attachment allows the user to measure a distance pass the wall instead of having the try to hold an object pass the wall to get the length of that little strip. The Post-It-Note is a good representation of this device since the actual product will have a similar type of adhesive to help it stick to walls without causing damage to it.

This is the right side view of the prototype. This side will just have the max length of the tapemeasure posted on it as well as an on and off button. This button will turn on when you apply pressure to it and will turn off when there is no pressure on the button.

This is the top and front side of the tape measure. On the top there is a button to change the units in which the tape measure is measuring in. There is also a screen to tell the user the distance that was just measured and will hold that display for approximately 10 seconds. On the front side of the tape measure there is a hold/ loose switch. This will allow the user to not have to hold the On button to measure distances. Instead the device will need about a 5 second hold time to measure that distance, once that distance is measured a beeping noise will sound to let the user know it measured a distance. That measurement then will stay on the screen for the usual 10 seconds and then the device will turn back to its normal state.