Sawyer – One-Armed Wheelbarrow

In Use: The drawing of the stick figure shows an average height person using the wheelbarrow. As the image demonstrates the shoulder rests sit on the shoulders of the user and can be adjusted for height. The hand is gripping the attached handle for better stability. The most important part is that as the person stands upright the wheelbarrow lifts off the ground so that all the user needs to do is push it.

Side View: It is easiest to see the entire frame that attaches from the bottom to the shoulder rests in this picture. One can also notice the funnel shape of the front of the tray, allowing the user to pour with ease.

Back View: From this angle you can see the shoulder rests and how they can be moved by sliding up into the other slots. The handle can also be seen as it gives extra stability and allows the user to dump the wheelbarrow using one arm with a motion similar to curling a weight.