Joe – Modular Arm Brace


In Use: The user can shovel with ease, adding leverage without straining the wrist.


Side View: The user inserts his or her arm from the back (top) and slides it through to grip the handle.


Front View (close up): The user is able to squeeze the grip repeatedly to tighten the arm straps, acting in the same fashion as a blood pressure measuring device. The grip has an air-locking button that locks in the tightness of the bands for continued use. The user can then press the button again to release the air pressure and remove the device.


Detachable Tools (close up): The user can use the arm brace with the appropriate set of tools that they can buy separately at stores, depending on their needs. The tools are detachable and make use of a sturdy snap-lock mechanism on the brace, making the arm brace useful for many kinds of functions such as shoveling, sawing, or raking. This picture shows how the tools fit and lock into the brace.

Detachable Tools (close up): This picture shows that the user could have a array of tools to choose from depending on the task they want to accomplish. In this case the tool is a hand trowel.

Top View: The arm bands are comfortable but sturdy, and are able to tighten on the user’s arm through the button on the grip. The device only goes the length of the users forearm. The user can use this device to gain added leverage and stability in situations where one would normally use two hands.