Reflection Statement

Today we worked on creating a persona, a mindmap, problem statements, and identifying main problem areas and providing solution goals. During this process, we found that making a persona brought the problems we are facing down to the human level. We believe in doing this, it will create a feeling of empathy for the future product or products that we will be trying to make. We also learned that when creating the problem statements for our project we had to keep it general and not specific to the products we had in mind. When we did figure out the problem statements it brought a sense of clarity to our project. It allowed us to not only see the individual problems with the tools we used but also the similar problems each tool or action had when using these products. It helped to bring together the main challenges each tool or action had and gave us a broad idea of solutions to help fix these problems. Also, when working on this assignment we found that the hardest part was trying to distinguish between the user needs and solution goals. This is because when first writing out the user needs and solution goals we found that they were very similar. We discovered that the user need is a big overall idea while the goal is more so on how a product can achieve that need. When diving into this assignment it was very hard for us not to come up with ideas to solve the problem we were trying to fix. Nevertheless, we held off those ideas for the time being and decided to really dive deep into the problem at hand. When doing this we found that we could understand the problem and really nail down what the true nature of the problem one handed people may face in their day to day lives. We believe that this project has gone great so far and we look forward to the day we can start diving into the ideas and solutions we have for the problems we have faced.