Problem and Soultion Goals/Mindmap


Problem Area: Compensating for bottom or top heavy objects (shovel, pitchfork).

User Needs: User needs a way to get back leverage lost from using only one arm when scooping up items or pulling tools.

Solution Goal: Extra support, added strength and easy handling.


Problem Area: Ability to carry and lift heavier objects.

User Needs: Being able to carry and lift heavy objects such as mulch, dirt or stones without to much stress on the user.

Solution Goal: Added strength, ease of grip, more flexibility/natural movement.


Problem Area: Holding on and maintaining grip of different handles and tools.

User Needs: Owner needs an easy way to hold on to rubber and wood grips that lack extra support besides a handle.

Solution Goal: Stronger grip adherence, better ergonomics and easier use.


Problem Area: Quick way to finish a normal task (planting, scaling ladder, etc.)

User Needs: Something that will compensate for the loss of speed due to tasks that might require more attention to detail.

Solution Goal: More safety when scaling objects, better limb movement and added productivity.

The Mindmap