Meet the Barrows

Left to Right: Joe Thompson, John Regula, Sid Moening, Sawyer McGuire, Angus Maclae

About Us:

John Regula – Junior Marketing major. From Beach City, OH (near Canton). Pursuing a career in sports entertainment/marketing.

Angus Maclae – Junior Horticulture major. From Granville, OH.

Joe Thompson – Junior Journalism major. From Lewis Center, OH.

Sid Moening – Junior, Finance Major. From Ottawa, OH

Sawyer McGuire – Junior Marketing Major. From Chagrin Falls, OH.


Our Focus Area:

After our initial meeting, we have begun to narrow our focus toward yardwork. We completed a large brainstorming activity that led us to the idea of innovating the wheelbarrow. The wheelbarrow has become our central identity and we look forward to making yardwork a more accessible activity through our innovative designs.