The concept ideation portion of our project was a big step towards our final prototypes. Working together, we were able to consider many different variations and advancements we could make to our ideas. With the addition of the idea cards, we were able to discuss potential growth in our concepts.

When we were able to narrow down our top concepts it became clear what our main initiative was. Yardwork would obviously be a hard task to handle with only one arm and we started to look at how we could make it even easier. The current market lacks product innovation for disabled individuals. Thus we saw this as a niche market that we could exploit through our ideations. These products vary from a wheelbarrow to shovels. In this concept ideation assignment, we already laid the framework for the problems we wanted to address, but the bigger question became how would this be functional?

For example, in the Lazer Tape Measure, we knew the idea was starting to take shape but we needed to address the questions we had asked ourselves and also consider the feedback we received after our presentation. Working together in this stage was critical for coming up with the best idea.

We felt like this part of our project was split up perfectly. In class, we were able to meet as a group and discuss the concept ideation and were able to consider each adjustment collectively. Following this discussion, we were able to take our own ideas and put them into more detail. The detailed drawings became the biggest step toward our final prototype. They have essentially become our plan going forward. The process has been exciting but we felt that our best ideas are starting to take shape. There was a point where it became hard for us to come up with such a high number of ideas, but in the end, we valued every part of the process and how it pushed us toward the point we are at now.