The Snapper

This is The Snapper and what it is meant to do is, instead of twisting things to get them to fit on a hose (like the sprinkler shown in the picture) all you do is snap the attachment into place and you’re good to go!

Heavy Objects

The Lifter

The Lifter is a battery powered machine that can lift heavy objects off the ground using tiny motors in the pillars( shown in red). The platform (in Blue) is the where the weight is held and also hold a 10ft cable for pulling things onto the platform.


The Garden Tote

The Garden Tote is basically a small tube transformed into a garden. This is suppose to cut out most of the hassle of setting up a typical garden in the dirt and soil. So, how it works is there is a permeable plastic holding (in middle of tote) that allows the root to go through but not the dirt. Then on the left side is a tube to allow water into to tote and a small hole on the outside to make sure you don’t fill the tote too full with water. On top is where the dirt/fertilizer is held.