Our lab offers the following services.  Please contact us to Request an Analysis:

Noble Gas Analyses:

  • Helium Isotopes
  • Production Gases (Oil, Natural Gas, Carbon Dioxide, Helium, and Geothermal Reservoirs)
  • Gas Seeps 
  • Water (Dissolved Gases, Groundwater Age Dating)
  • Cosmogenic Age Dating (3He and 21Ne)
  • Volatiles in Solids (3He/4He and other noble gas isotopes)

Hydrocarbon Analyses: 

  • Dissolved Gas Abundance/Compostion
  • Molecular Gas Composition
  • Stable Isotopes of Natural Gas, Carbon Dioxide, Water) 


  • Helium Isotopes
  • Full Noble Gas Isotopes
  • Molecular Gas Composition
  • Gas-Water Ratios