WOC Caucus

The WGSS Women of Color Caucus offers support to graduate women of color in the program, both in their work as students and instructors.  The caucus hosts informal meetings where ideas and experiences are exchanged and members learn from each other.  Given the pressures of graduate life and the unique issues faced by graduate students of color, the caucus recognizes the importance of a friendly social and pedagogical community that attends to particular interests and needs of graduate women of color. However, the Women of Color Caucus is also a political forum through which the group pushes for more women of color spaces, and more transnational feminist and women of color centered courses, on the graduate and undergraduate levels.

In addition to offering each other support, the caucus recognizes the importance of supporting other women of color and being active within the OSU community.  To serve these ends, the group meets with undergraduate students of color in the program to discuss their issues and concerns and offer support and advice to undergraduates of color.

Contact Denise Fuller Delgado (fuller.311@osu.edu) for more information about the WGSS WOC Caucus.