ONLINE LEARNING:Time&Task Management

To be EFFECTIVE you need to manage tasks and time EFFICIENTLY. Skills required: Planning. Delegating. Organisational. Directing. Controlling. Prioritising. Evaluating. Assertiveness. Negotiating.

In modern society, people have a lot of fast and convenient electronic products, which help our daily life and make our life very convenient and efficient. One thing that most people do in their daily life is to do a good job in time management. Generally speaking, we use our mobile calendar or download some apps to help us record what we need to do. In the course, we also used a software, trello board. Relatively speaking, I think this software is very convenient, but I will not replace my original software, maybe it is my habit. Because I think I prefer to use my own calendar to remember things. But everyone’s habits are different, so everyone will have their own more used software. No matter what, it is very important to do a good job in time planning and management, which will make your life more orderly, efficient and relaxed.

ONLINE LEARNING:Motivation and Goals



First of all, we need to make clear our learning objectives, which is a very important step, because if we don’t know what we are learning for, we don’t have a good motivation to learn. Learning goal is the basis of learning motivation. Secondly, we need a good plan. The time, place and state of study are very important. In China, there is an idiom called learning from the past and learning from the new. For example, if we learn accumulatively bit by bit, we just need to review the knowledge we learned before the exam. But if we can’t distribute the study time evenly, we may not remember all the knowledge points well before the exam, and we may not play a good role in the exam. Once we can’t get good grades, our motivation for learning will be relatively reduced. So we need to set some rewards to push ourselves. A small reward can make us want to accomplish something more, which is also a good way to increase motivation.


ONLINE LEARNING:Note-Taking Strategies

After arriving at the University, because of the iPad issued by the University, I came into contact with a software called capability. The app is very suitable for iPad use, because the mode of this software is more like writing on paper with a pen, and it is very convenient to write in notes with apple pencil. In addition, there is also a software called Evernote, which I used in high school. This software is very suitable for computers. App store can be downloaded, and this software is not only limited to Apple system, but also can be used in other systems.
After learning the reading materials, I got three definitions about Note-Taking strategies. There are something I want to share what I learned about the the strategies. First of all, I tried two of the third strategies, outline and mind map or graphic organizer. It’s a way to help think by building a chart outline. I think it helps me a lot, because I like visualization very much, which is more helpful to remember some things. I tried to use this method to help memory before I went to university. However, this method is sometimes very convenient and sometimes there is no way to do a good memory link, which causes me to suddenly not remember the knowledge points I have seen before when I take the exam. That is to say, some details may not be included. This may be because my method is not perfect. I’ve heard about other methods in this unit before, active note taking and abrevitiations. I think I will try if I have the chance, because I haven’t found the most suitable way, maybe these two can help me.