ONLINE LEARNING:Motivation and Goals



First of all, we need to make clear our learning objectives, which is a very important step, because if we don’t know what we are learning for, we don’t have a good motivation to learn. Learning goal is the basis of learning motivation. Secondly, we need a good plan. The time, place and state of study are very important. In China, there is an idiom called learning from the past and learning from the new. For example, if we learn accumulatively bit by bit, we just need to review the knowledge we learned before the exam. But if we can’t distribute the study time evenly, we may not remember all the knowledge points well before the exam, and we may not play a good role in the exam. Once we can’t get good grades, our motivation for learning will be relatively reduced. So we need to set some rewards to push ourselves. A small reward can make us want to accomplish something more, which is also a good way to increase motivation.


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