ONLINE LEARNING:Time&Task Management

To be EFFECTIVE you need to manage tasks and time EFFICIENTLY. Skills required: Planning. Delegating. Organisational. Directing. Controlling. Prioritising. Evaluating. Assertiveness. Negotiating.

In modern society, people have a lot of fast and convenient electronic products, which help our daily life and make our life very convenient and efficient. One thing that most people do in their daily life is to do a good job in time management. Generally speaking, we use our mobile calendar or download some apps to help us record what we need to do. In the course, we also used a software, trello board. Relatively speaking, I think this software is very convenient, but I will not replace my original software, maybe it is my habit. Because I think I prefer to use my own calendar to remember things. But everyone’s habits are different, so everyone will have their own more used software. No matter what, it is very important to do a good job in time planning and management, which will make your life more orderly, efficient and relaxed.

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