Arts & Humanities

The major in which I was interested in was Philosophy, though not much was touched on it during the lecture. The only major that was discussed that I was intersted in was Comparitive Studies, which¬†does actually seem to be a good major. For me though, I enjoy my intro to Philosophy course that I’m taking right now, and I’d like to continue taking these types of courses. I enjoy being able to think in ways that I’ve never had to think before, and I love being asked to reflect on your own beliefs because I think you learn a lot about yourself while taking these courses. I learned something that I found to be very interesting– that you can create your own personalized study program if in the Art and Sciences program. While it does have to be for a valid reason, and you can’t do it if your goals can be obtained by combining any available major and minor, I think it’s really cool that students have that option. I would still love to learn about a Philosophy major, but I’m thinking that I will do my interview with someone in that major. I also learned that, even though it’s a common thought that the humanities majors don’t often get good jobs, the department has worked to make every major independent and made it possible for students to get a job with only an undergraduate degree. I think this changed my thoughts a lot, because I had the idea that you had to have either more education or a paired degree in order to get a good job.

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