Engineering and Architecture

Going to this lecture, I was originally only interested in learning about┬áthe different engineering majors. However, attending the lecture sparked an interest in the architecture major. It was awesome to learn about┬ábecause architecture incorporates two things I’m interested in:art and math. I’d never considered this major before, but it seems pretty fun. On the other hand, I didn’t feel like that any of the engineering majors caught my attention. They’re very math and science heavy, w hichI thought I’d be interested in. But I didn’t feel like I learned enough about the majors I was interested in, which was probably because it was hard to go too in depth with all fourteen majors offered in the college. I wish I would have learned in more detail about the majors, specifically about mechanical and chemical engineering. The most interesting thing I learned about the engineering was about their study abroad opportunities. I think it’s really incredible that the students solve the problems in society and get to travel in order to help people. The lecture helped my open up to new possibilities, and I enjoyed it a lot!

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