How to Succeed in an Online Class

Almost every student at Ohio State will take an online class at one point. These classes add flexibility for a student to complete school work at any point as opposed to attending recitations and required lectures at the same time every week. With this freedom and flexibility also comes difficulties. As a veteran of online courses at OSU, here is my spark-note guide to surviving and thriving in an online environment.

  1. Usually every assignment is due at the end of the week, so leave enough times on Sundays to complete quizzes, posts, responses, etc…
  2. When making an online post, they usually require a response. Instead of completing the post and waiting 3 days to make a response, respond immediately to a classmate. This will make sure you have finished the requirements
  3. Put important due dates on your phone’s calendar and set many reminder

Using these ideas for organization and timeliness will help you achieve in an online class and not procrastinate work.

How Technology Had Impacted Me in the Classroom

Growing up in a very fortunate school district, we always were getting new technology in the classroom throughout elementary, middle, and high school. The access to smart-boards and laptops allowed for me to gain a passion for technology. Also, it allowed for integration between learning and technology. This developed a long term relationship between learning and technology for me that enables better work in online classes.

Technology Resources for Learning

When studying for classes, flashcards have always been useful for memorization and reinforcement of terms and definitions. I have found flashcard machine to be a great resource for this common study procedure. It’s interface is user-friendly and creating an account is completely free.

Another great tool that I have used throughout college is Knowledge Net. This website is tailored to students interested in learning about the IT sector and has free resources to gain more in-depth knowledge.