Year in Review

One of the best things about Scholars is the people, and these are two of my favorite people(who also happen to be my roommates). The first picture is of me and my friend, Madison, at an OSU men’s soccer game from the very beginning of the year. This little outing really solidified our friendship and showed me how Scholars can make such a huge school a lot smaller and more welcoming. The second picture is me and my friend, Ashley, at the pancake tailgate party where pancakes were literally flying. Scholars really helped me feel comfortable here and now I know I have made lifelong friends.


Semester in Review

This semester has truly showed me new challenges but also came with many rewards. College really makes you work hard and doesn’t let you get lazy or let up on any of your work. I’ve learned that everyday, you can work on something because there is always work to be done. And all of this was only possible because I have made incredible friends here, and am already loving the college experience. This semester was difficult, but worth it.

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