My ePortfolio includes five main tabs:

  • The Artifacts tab displays pictures of some of my academic and collegiate journeys with short reflections and explanations underneath
  • The About Me tab showcases a brief profile about my university plans and a little personal background and a vision statement
  • The G.O.A.L.S. tab lays out the Scholars learning objectives, experience I have with each category and an action plan for my future years at OSU
  • The Year in Review tab shows some timeline updates and reflections each year of university and a class review
  • The Career tab explains future career plans, the steps I’m taking to get there and past experience

This is me and my best friend, Adam, graduating(with honors :)) together in May 2018. Now, we both go to OSU and will hopefully be graduating together again. <3

I got to experience another scholars program by attending Mount Gala with my friends John, Kristen, and Adam. It’s really cool to see another of the many different programs offered at OSU.


These photos are from a BioSci trip to the Wilds, a safari/reserve in Ohio. This trip was super fun and really affirmed my switch to a Zoology major because these are the things that really interest me. Animals’ lives are what I really like learning about.

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