Global Awareness:

Because of the majors I want to pursue, I believe that I will be able to form a connection with the Middle East as I study here are Ohio State. Some of the things I plan on doing to make connections are meeting people from the Middle East and maybe learning there for a semester.

Original Inquiry:

To achieve this goal, something I may do is either conduct research on a certain topic relating to my Middle Eastern Studies degree, or assist the government in some sort of research pertaining to Intelligence and Security.

Academic Enrichment:

Hopefully, I will be able to study abroad in the Middle East during my time at Ohio State, which will hopefully add to my interest in the Middle East and stimulate even more interest in other topics as well.

Leadership Development:

I plan on getting a job on campus, as well as work during my summers, in order to expand my horizons and gain valuable tools that I will use when I graduate and get a real job.

Service Engagement:

I currently volunteer at with adults with developmental disabilities, and I plan on continuing to volunteer at Ohio State. I am going to take advantage of all that Ohio State has to offer and join new volunteer groups here on campus.

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