About Me

Yoni Wechsler is a first year undergraduate student in the College of Arts and Sciences. He hopes to graduate with a Double Major in International Studies (with focuses on Security & Intelligence and Middle Eastern Studies) and a minor in Hebrew. Yoni loves volunteering and working to better the community. When not in class, he enjoys playing baseball, watching sports on TV, and hanging out with his friends. If you have any questions about Ohio State, International Studies, or just general college life, feel free to contact Yoni with questions!

Sophomore Year in Review

Global Awareness

While at Ohio State, global awareness has been at the forefront of my education, as I am an International Studies major. Specifically, I have a focus in Middle Eastern Studies, so I learn a great deal about the Middle East. One class I took which has really shaped my view of the world as a set of complex, interdependent systems was on the history of the Middle East. Not only did I learn about the region’s modern issues, and how they are the result of different cultures and religions intersecting, but I also learned about the root of all the cultures and nations I was learning about. Additionally, I learned how America has affected the region, and the continuous role it plays in the region. Therefore, I gained an understanding of not only the world from a historical perspective, but as a combination of different cultures intersecting, and

Additionally, I have continued to be a part of pro-Israel groups on campus and became connected with the group’s members over the past year. Through my involvement, I am able to not only share my interest in this global issue, but also meet with, talk with, and share my opinion on this global issue with others on campus.

I plan to continue to work towards my goal of global awareness through the continued pursuit of my major, and as my continued participation in cultural clubs on campus. Specifically, I want to expand to regions beyond the Middle East as electives for my major so I can truly have a sense of global awareness.

Original Inquiry

As I enter the second half of my undergraduate collegiate experience, my research skills will be called upon more as I proceed to take higher level courses. This year, a personal accomplishment of mine which involved research was my completion of a 12-page research paper on the ongoing civil war in Yemen, and the global conflict it represents. I spent hours in the library researching the conflict Yemen and other global conflicts, and as a result of my research I was able to teach myself a great deal.

In the upcoming year, I will be required to participate in a research seminar for my History major. Up until this semester, I had been worried about such a task, as I did not believe myself capable of doing research and then making an argument which I could defend. However, I am now not worried about it, and am excited to hone my research skills further. I know I am capable of doing research on my own and with the help of professors in future classes, I will become more proficient in doing research and writing about my findings.


Academic Enrichment

This past year, I made the switch from a double International Studies major, to an International Studies major and a History major. Additionally, I have continued my pursuit of completing a Hebrew minor. I chose to switch my major so I could have a broader curriculum and learn a vast array of topics. Rather than only focusing on international studies, I wanted to learn about domestic, cultural, and religious histories as well.

My commitment to Academic Enrichment, thus, is demonstrated through my desire to broaden my knowledge, and learn as much as possible as an undergraduate. I know honors and higher-level classes, which I plan on taking many of, will provide me this opportunity, as will taking as many classes as possible. I chose to be a double major with a minor because of the desire I have to learn.

My academic success demonstrates my desire to learn and my commitment to Academic Enrichment because I know for my future, good grades and a great deal of knowledge together will lead to my success. I hope to attend law school after I graduate Ohio State, and both of these are key for both my admittance into law school and my success in law school (in the form of the skills I will gain along the way).

One example of how my curriculum has helped my future aspirations is through the improvement of my writing skills since I arrived at Ohio State. I have noticed an improvement in my writing since I began taking classes as a Freshman and know I will only improve over the course of the next few years. Writing is an extremely important skill for a lawyer, and my writing has benefited, and will benefit further as a result of my participation in higher level classes, and my commitment to excellence.


Leadership Development

Over the past year, I have risen through the ranks of my fraternity, being elected to leadership roles each semester. Initially I was chosen to lead my associate member class through the process of joining the brotherhood as Associate Member Class President. Afterwards, I was elected Community Service Chairman. Currently, I am the Alumni Secretary, serving on the executive board and making decisions on behalf of all my brothers. I am confident that the leadership skills I have gained in these roles will help me greatly in a professional setting.

One leadership opportunity which I had as a result of being a member of my fraternity was at our regional Leadership Conferences which I have attended the past two years. There, I developed my leadership skills by meeting with fellow leaders in the Delta Chi Fraternity and discussing communication tactics, relationship building exercises, and conflict resolution strategies.

Additionally, I gained valuable work and leadership experience through my role of Director of Day Camp Operations at a large Day camp. Over the summer of 2018, I was responsible for setting up and maintaining a new camp software system that re-created the way the payments, registration, communication, and rostering was done at the camp. Additionally, as director, I was viewed as a leader in the camp, and the responsibilities which came with my position were significant. My other job responsibilities included coordinating complex transportation routes, maintaining inventory, ordering supplies when necessary and managing the camp’s finances. The leadership and work skills which I gained as a result of these two experiences will allow for my success in a professional setting when I am older and have provided me with experiences as a leader which will carry over into future positions I hold as a leader.

Service Engagement

One service-oriented activity which I participated in over this past semester, and plan to participate in next year as well is the club College Mentors for Kids. As a mentor, I work one-on-one with an elementary school student to provide personal guidance and help him think about his future career through exposure to a higher education setting. Every week, for 3-4 hours, I do an activity with my little buddy, and accomplish a close relationship with them. I have greatly enjoyed the opportunity to work with my little buddy, and plan meeting with him again in the fall.

Additionally, all members of my fraternity are required to complete 10 hours of community service each semester. As community service chairman this past fall, I led the chapter in completing a combined 470 hours of community service by orchestrating service events and sharing service opportunities throughout the city of Columbus. As a group, we cleaned up parks in Columbus, volunteered at a local soup kitchen, and ran multiple fundraisers for charity.

As I continue my courses as an undergraduate student at Ohio State, I plan to keep taking advantages of opportunities like these to preform community service and will continue to support the community which I am a part of through both ongoing and short-term service opportunities.



Global Awareness:

Because of the majors I want to pursue, I believe that I will be able to form a connection with the Middle East as I study here are Ohio State. Some of the things I plan on doing to make connections are meeting people from the Middle East and maybe learning there for a semester.

Original Inquiry:

To achieve this goal, something I may do is either conduct research on a certain topic relating to my Middle Eastern Studies degree, or assist the government in some sort of research pertaining to Intelligence and Security.

Academic Enrichment:

Hopefully, I will be able to study abroad in the Middle East during my time at Ohio State, which will hopefully add to my interest in the Middle East and stimulate even more interest in other topics as well.

Leadership Development:

I plan on getting a job on campus, as well as work during my summers, in order to expand my horizons and gain valuable tools that I will use when I graduate and get a real job.

Service Engagement:

I currently volunteer at with adults with developmental disabilities, and I plan on continuing to volunteer at Ohio State. I am going to take advantage of all that Ohio State has to offer and join new volunteer groups here on campus.


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Artifact – Kuhn Honors & Scholars House

This artifact is the Kuhn Honors & Scholars House commercial I made in Freshman Survey. It helped me see that Ohio State has so many services that I am able to take advantage of.  I recorded this video at the Kuhn Honors & Scholars House with 3 of my classmates, where we also learned about all that the Kuhn Honors & Scholars House has to offer. I hope that I am able to learn about more resources in the future and use them to help myself flourish The Ohio State University