Final post

I have learned so many techniques, facts, and information from ESEPSY 1159. I decided to take advantage of this course because I know if I can master the information you provided I would be successful in all my classes. The assignments we have were very useful and creative. I like these assignments I will take them and use them for my future classes. The top three assignments I was most interested were the google spreadsheet, learning how to google search, and writing these blogs. I like google spread sheet because it gave me a schedule that I use to be successful. I have time managemnt problems so making that spreadsheet made me stay on track and on top of my study time. When I made the spreadsheet everything slowed down for me and got easier. Now that I have this spreadsheet I will have time to get everything I need to be in that day completed. The google search was a very great assignment for me cause it taught a lot  of specific search machines. These machines helped because when you search something it shows you the specific link that you need. Usually on google you search something a million links pop but with the other google search machines it limits it to a couple links. The other thing I like about those search machines was that it showed if a website trustworthy or not. I would tell you if the information on the website was valuable or it was not. Now that I know these machines I will use them to help me with my assignments. The blog were a great exercise that I enjoyed while my time during this course. It gave me chance to voice my opinion to my classmates and other people on the outside looking in. It gave me chance to review everything I learned throughout the week. I also feel like it gives incoming freshman a chance to see what college classes are like and what you need to do before you get to college  so you can be prepared. This class taught me very useful techniques that will help me throughout the school you. Some techniques this class has taught me is how to study effectively and time management. This class taught me how to study which I really enjoyed considering I did not know how to prior to this class. It showed me to be energetic and some tools on how to study. One tool on how to study is to study with a pencil in your hand. I made sure I had a pencil so I can underline key points. I also learned how to just look over the key points for 15 minutes everyday so I can try to memorize it. Time management was one of my biggest struggles coming in to this class. This class showed me how to management my time by making a schedule on what  I had to do everyday. I started doing everything the my schedule said and it made everything much easier. In conclusion I am happy I had a chance to be apart of this great class. I would recommend this class to everybody.

Module 6

I learn a lot of imformation in this week’s module that can help me out a lot with my academic career . I was very interest in this module because it gave me a chance to do research on topics i really have a interest in. I also go to learn many google based engine searches that will help me out alot. These googoogle engine searches will help me out because now i can look for exact information that I need. Ususally with google you get a million links on a subject but it narrows it down to a couple links. Abstract searching helps you find out if a website is a reliable source or not. This is a good search engine because now i can know if i can rely on this website for the future. On my thread I learned about a website that you can go to and see what medicine you need to cure your sickness. I am happy I found this website so for now on when I get sick I can know where to go to.  I also got a chance to look at a major I am interested in. I got more information and a clearer understading on the major.

Module 5

In module 5, I have learned alot of strategies especially in the subject of taking notes. I am very happy I could learn such great skills because without them I would not have the advantage I have now. Some skills I have learned is from watching my educated video. My educated video was on learning how to study. I needed this video because learning how to study is one of my struggles coming in tothis course. My eduacation video taught me how to break down a subject in a way I can be able to understand it. So for now on when I am about to study I put the material in my own words, highlight keywords, start studying early instead of last minute, and actively study. What I mean by actively study is to use a pencil and try to learn more and more as you study. The other thingsI have learn in this module was listening a taking notes at the same time. For most people this is a very hard thing because while they are taking notes they are not listening to the instructor. The things I learn to do while listening is to only write down the key elements and and main idea. Write that down can save you alot time. In conclusion, these some key factors I have learned in module 5.

Educational Videos

The educational video I watched showed different study techniques that can help you memorize the subject you are trying to learn.  The techniques they showed were pretty simple and can help you with any test or quiz. The techniques were start early, time management, study actively, reread over materials, highlight key words, and put the material in to your own words. These skills are very effective and can help you with subject you are trying to learn.

I really like these techniques that I have earned and I will apply them to the way i study. The reason I like these techniques is because they are very simple. These techniques breakdown what you are trying to learn so you can learn them in your own way. For example, putting the material in your own words, this is a very useful skill to me cause its takes the material and breaks it down into a way you can understand it.

Blog 2

I have learned several things since I have been taking this online course. It provides me a different way of learning and expanding my thought process. This course has taught me different tools and resources that I can go to so I can be successful in the classroom. Just like in module four we learned about different websites that can help you learn outside of the classroom. It also it gives me a chance to learn from the other people that are taking this course. They give great examples on the blogs and threads that helps me with my classes. I also learned that blogging is a useful skill to learn and interact with different people. This is a great tool because you can get advice from other people and also help other people out with advice you can give them. For example, I learned what buckeye link is from this course so now I do not always have to go to my academic adviser for help I can look right online. I am happy to be apart of this great online course because this is going to help me for the next fours I am at ohio state. In conclusion those are a few things I have learned since being enrolled in this course.

Damon Webb

In my few weeks that I have been in college the biggest conflict I have had is managing my time. Time management is the one if the biggest adjustment you have to make when you come to college. I have three tips that I want to give to incoming college students that has helped me manage my time. The first tip I want to give to incoming freshman is make a schedule of everything you have to do. When you make a schedule it simplifies what you have to do in your free time so you can get it done. Everybody knows its easy to lost track of time but if you make a schedule you can follow that and you can get everything you need done. My second tip is to get a planner notebook so you can stay on track with your assignments, homework, readings, and studying. When you have a planner you stay on top of your work and when you finish you can cross out your asssignment so that you it’s done. The third tip have is to have reminders on your phone or alarm clock so you can remember to do your work. This is very important becuase it motivates you to get to work so you have everything you need done before the day is over. I you follow these tips you will be success with time management.