Teaching and Learning with iPad

This session was a hands-on opportunity to explore the iPad and how to maximize its use and digital learning in the classroom. Learning goals of the workshop included:

  1. Participate in activities with the iPad to capture, edit, and reflect
  2. Introduce and use new iOS 11 features
  3. Explore additional resources for learning

Apps explored included Clips, Explain Everything, and Notes.

Technology-Enhanced Active Learning

This section was held in an Active Learning Classroom and focused around engaging students using online tools and how they may be implemented depending on the particular need in a course. The learning goals for the workshop were:

During today’s session, you will:

  1. Choose one or more tech tools to enhance an active learning strategy in a course.
  2. Make initial planning decisions about implementation of the tool(s).
  3. Identify resources for technology services, training, and support.

The workshop focused on Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning, prompting us to identify the skill, ask how do we get students to practice the skill, and then how can we use technology to assist in this practice?

Resources from workshop: https://u.osu.edu/activelearning/

Also, http://ucat.osu.edu/active-learning-strategies


Supervising Student Employees

Presenter: Caleb Craft, Office of Student Life, Human Resources

Student employees are both enrolled at the University in a full-time or part-time basis and appointed to a position of employment designated as student employment. In this workshop facilitated by Ohio State’s Office of Student Life, we explored the roles that a student plays both as a student and as an employee, discussed how to set and communicate clear expectations, how to challenge and support student employees, and how to coach students through the use of effective feedback.

Through discussion groups there were several themes that arose throughout the workshop and I was able to gain many new ideas to implement into the course for our student employees.

Keys to Successful Online Teaching

The Office of Distance Education and eLearning focuses on course development and teaching practices for online courses in this workshop. The workshop was broken into 4 segments:

  1. Managing an Online Course: Marcia Ham
    • This portion of the workshop focused on student interaction and connections between other students and the instructor in an online course. We discussed strategies to implement in an online course before the course, during, and after. Before the course strategies included sending a welcome email, setting all course expectations, including tutorials for your course, or adding a welcome video. During the course, instructors are encouraged to break content into weekly modules, add videos into discussion board prompts, and actively use a FAQ page. After the course, remind students about SEIs, include a farewell video and invite final questions.
  2. Student Interaction and Engagement: Henry Griffy
    • Henry discussed the principle of engagement. We looked at how traditional classrooms have changed over time, in which active learning classrooms are now on the rise. He proposed that we should design our Carmen courses using these same strategies as we would in an active learning classroom.

      How do we build so that we can promote engagement?

  3. Quality Assurance: Tim Lombardo
    • Tim went over the Community of Inquiry Model with participants. We reviewed the Distance Education Core template for Canvas courses and how it fits within the Quality Matters rubric.
  4. Accessibility and Universal Design: Megan Fogel
    • We know that we have an increasing number of diverse learners in our courses and since no two learners are the same, UDL is there to help us address our courses. The three pillars of UDL include: multiple means of representation, engagement, and expression. Finally, we covered 5 strategies for design, planning for differences, giving students the options or variety in completion of assignments, presenting information in multiple ways, making the key points stand out, and giving students options and variety for how they interact.


ODEE Workshop: https://carmen-services.it.ohio-state.edu/Events/Event/Details/1223