Innovate Conference 2018

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I attended the 2018 Innovate Conference at the Ohio Union on May 11th. Innovate is an annual conference that “brings together educators, administrators, and tech industry professionals to explore recent advancements, best practices and provocative approaches to teaching and learning with technology.” I attended two keynote TedTalk style talks and two breakout sessions in the afternoon during the conference:

Keynote 2: George Cuouros on Access

Breakout Session 3: Lightening Ideas: Learning Environments

  • Changing Learners’ Mindsets through Problem-Based Learning with Annette Lang, Marisa Manocchio, Charmayne Polen
  • Embrace the Chaos: Activities for Large Student Cohorts in Science with Anthony Parker, Pam Megaw
  • Technologies and Innovations in Preservice Teacher Preparation with Julie Maynard, Melissa Wilson

Breakout Session 4: Ed Talk: Learning Environments
Emily Pilloton, Designer, Builder, Educator and Founder of Project H Design
Bruce McPheron, Executive Vice President and Provost, The Ohio State University
Joni Boyd Acuff, Associate Professor, Arts Administration, Education & Policy, The Ohio State University
Tim Raderstorf, Chief Innovation Officer, College of Nursing, The Ohio State University
Melissa Beers, Program Director, Department of Psychology, The Ohio State University

Keynote 3:
Bryan Alexander on Technology

2018 Academy of Teaching and Learning Conference

The 12th Annual Conference on Excellence in Teaching and Learning was held on May 3rd in the 4H Center. The theme of the conference was “Creating Inclusive Connections.”

Academy of Teaching and Learning Conference Sessions










During the conference I attended:

Session 1: Using Tech to Break Teaching’s Fourth Wall

Session 3: Promoting Academic Success through Learning to Learn Strategies

Session 4: Lightning Round: Enhancing Teaching with Technology: Lessons from Flipping the Classroom, Get Your Discussions Out of a Funk!, Getting to Know Outcomes in Carmen

During Session 2 of the Conference, Kylienne Shaul, Kim Winslow, and I presented: The Virtual Poster Symposium: Using Universal Design to Accommodate All Students.


Conference Information:

Conference Resources:


2017 Food Waste Collaborative Conference/Webinar

The second annual conference of the OSU Food Waste Collaborative was held on Friday, September 15th. I attended via the live webinar stream.

Panel Discussion 1: Christina Rice (Harvard Food Law Policy Clinic) and Marc Bellemare (University of Minnesota) presented on the Opportunities to Reduce Waste in the 2018 Farm Bill and the Measurement of Food Waste 

Panel Discussion 2: Roni Neff (John Hopkins University), Daniel Brown (Rust Belt Riders), and Jaclyn Hochreiter (Addison County BT SWCD) presented on Innovation at the State and Local Levels in terms of Food Waste.

Breakout Session: Reducing Lunch Room Waste: New Guidance for School Share Tables and Other Strategies

EPA Composting Rules Update

“A significant portion of food we grow and produce is never consumed, either left in the field or thrown in a landfill.  Research indicates that as much as 40% of our food supply is wasted, with collateral damage that includes economic loss, unnecessary food insecurity as well as climate and environmental issues.  Major contributors to the issue include confusion about food expiration labels, local composting rules, and liability surrounding food donations. The FWC conference will explore current trends in food policy that both help and  hinder our ability to reduce this alarming amount of loss in the food system.  National, state and local experts will join us live and via webcast for compelling conversations on policy-driven solutions.”

Teaching with Technology: 3 techniques to liven up your lessons

The CFAES Teaching and Learning Symposium took place in the Fawcett Center on August 15th. Kylienne Shaul, Kim Winslow, and I presented in the afternoon session of the Symposium coordinated by Valerie Childress. Our presentation highlighted virtual posters and both ENR 2100 and ENR 3300 poster projects were used as case studies to show the assignment was transformed to use in online courses.

Slides from the presentation: CFAES Virtual Poster Presentation

Symposium Schedule

Innovate Conference

I attended the 2017 Innovate Conference at the Ohio Union established by Ohio State’s Office of Distance Education and eLearning. This year’s theme was Impact, looking to allow educators to share innovations with one another in order to “re-imagine” instruction.

Sessions attended: