Innovate Conference 2018

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I attended the 2018 Innovate Conference at the Ohio Union on May 11th. Innovate is an annual conference that “brings together educators, administrators, and tech industry professionals to explore recent advancements, best practices and provocative approaches to teaching and learning with technology.” I attended two keynote TedTalk style talks and two breakout sessions in the afternoon during the conference:

Keynote 2: George Cuouros on Access

Breakout Session 3: Lightening Ideas: Learning Environments

  • Changing Learners’ Mindsets through Problem-Based Learning with Annette Lang, Marisa Manocchio, Charmayne Polen
  • Embrace the Chaos: Activities for Large Student Cohorts in Science with Anthony Parker, Pam Megaw
  • Technologies and Innovations in Preservice Teacher Preparation with Julie Maynard, Melissa Wilson

Breakout Session 4: Ed Talk: Learning Environments
Emily Pilloton, Designer, Builder, Educator and Founder of Project H Design
Bruce McPheron, Executive Vice President and Provost, The Ohio State University
Joni Boyd Acuff, Associate Professor, Arts Administration, Education & Policy, The Ohio State University
Tim Raderstorf, Chief Innovation Officer, College of Nursing, The Ohio State University
Melissa Beers, Program Director, Department of Psychology, The Ohio State University

Keynote 3:
Bryan Alexander on Technology

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