2018 Academy of Teaching and Learning Conference

The 12th Annual Conference on Excellence in Teaching and Learning was held on May 3rd in the 4H Center. The theme of the conference was “Creating Inclusive Connections.”

Academy of Teaching and Learning Conference Sessions










During the conference I attended:

Session 1: Using Tech to Break Teaching’s Fourth Wall

Session 3: Promoting Academic Success through Learning to Learn Strategies

Session 4: Lightning Round: Enhancing Teaching with Technology: Lessons from Flipping the Classroom, Get Your Discussions Out of a Funk!, Getting to Know Outcomes in Carmen

During Session 2 of the Conference, Kylienne Shaul, Kim Winslow, and I presented: The Virtual Poster Symposium: Using Universal Design to Accommodate All Students.


Conference Information: http://academy.osu.edu/annual-conference/

Conference Resources: http://academy.osu.edu/annual-conference/session-materials/


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