Turn-It-In: How to Interpret a Similarity Report Webinar

This webinar explained Turn-It-In similarity reports, how to interpret similarity scores, and how to implement filters within the Feedback Studio.

Important take aways from the webinar include:

  • Similarity scores are NOT absolute
  • It is more helpful to view the live online system, as if a student downloads a report it may show different things at different times depending on when they submit compared to their classmates and the deadline
  • A raw score of 0% is not necessarily a good thing. It can indicate; an incomplete submission, missing references, missing words, falsified references, essay mills, online tools, etc.
  • Large scores can also indicate a cumulative total of a lot of small or larger matches, complete or almost complete copies, using other students’ work, resubmitting an assignment from a previous submission, etc.
  • Promote the “reference rainbow”
  • Filtering can be applied to remove quotes or references
  • Quotes MUST be included in ” ” in order to be counted
  • There are still several way students try to get around the software; back translation, paraphrasing tools, older textbooks, shared work, reusing assignments, etc. so academic judgment is always required

Link to webinar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2327&v=wXX0KXZHzSc


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