Committee Members


Brian Gwin – 2020 Secretary

Royce Thornton

Alternate: Loren Harper


Animal Sciences:

Janet McCormick

Alternate: Christopher Abraham



Agriculture and Engineering: Mark Schleppi

Horticulture: Nathan Donley

Art, Science, and Business: Jesse Rossington

Art, Science, and Business, Alternate: Nathan Firestone

Grace Drake: Nick Farquhar


CFAES Columbus (ex-officio):

Kent McGuire


EHS (ex-officio):

Seth Walker

Dave Drake

Cassi Sewell



Jim Hacker

Alternate: Amy Raudenbush


Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering:

Mike Klingman

Alternate: Scott Wolfe – 2020 Chair


Facilities Services:

Roger Hamilton

Alternate: Jeff Strouse

Tony Smith

Alternate: TBD




Alternate: TBD


Food Animal Health Research Program:

Mike Kauffman

Alternate: Meghan Strother


Horticulture & Crop Sciences:

Kesia Hartzler

Alternate: Laura Chapin


Plant Pathology:

Lee Wilson

Alternate: TBD


Research Operations/Branches:

Jim Buxton

Alternate: Ken Scaife


School of Environment and Natural Resources:

Deana Hudgins

Alternate: Bethany Herman


USDA/ARS (rotating):

Tony Karcher

Leona Horst

Mike Reding