Thank you for visiting the Center for Wide Bandgap Semiconductors at The Ohio State University, a multi-disciplinary center focused on research and education in the area of wide and ultra-wide bandgap semiconductor materials and devices.

Wide and ultra-wide bandgap semiconductors Silicon Carbide, Gallium Nitride, and Gallium Oxide have a wide range of applications including next-generation high bandwidth communications, compact energy-efficient electronics, solid-state lighting, disinfection and disease-prevention, space technology, and radiation-hard extreme-environment electronics.

With over 50 faculty and researchers with deep expertise across several disciplines, The Ohio State University is making key advances in the science and technology of wide bandgap semiconductors. Please visit the Faculty and Facilities pages for more information on individual research groups, and our facilities.

The Center for Wide Bandgap Semiconductors is supported by several Ohio State University entities, including Office of Research, College of Engineering, Institute for Materials Research, and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

For more information, contact Siddharth Rajan.