Scouting Summary Week of August 25-29, Final Report of the Season


Apples: Fruit is developing.  Codling moth numbers in traps remained high in most orchards again this week.  Apple maggot trap numbers were 0 across all orchards.  Red mites and two-spotted spider mites were found at above treatment threshold numbers in a few orchards.  Some fly speck and sooty blotch showing up as well.

Grapes:  Spotted wing drosophila (SWD) were identified from traps in grapes at 4 trapping locations this past week.   Two of the locations had very high numbers probably as a result of not following a consistent and regular spray program.  Japanese beetles and stinkbugs were also found at low numbers in some vineyards.  Black rot is present in some vineyards.

Fall bearing raspberries: Harvest is starting and growers should be on a spray program to prevent SWD damage.

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