Week of August 4 – 8 Scouting Report Summary


  • Corn: Scouted fields ranged from V12 to R2.  Grey leafspot still present on susceptible varieties.  Only a few fields where levels are approaching threshold and given the futures corn market, probably not economical to spray.  Some silk clipping by Japanese beetles on some field edges was noted by scouts.  Corn rootworm beetles were noted in some fields.  A corn rootworm beetle count should be done during the first half of August for any field that will be going back into corn next year and that will not be using a transgenic variety to control corn rootworm.   Western bean cutworm moth captures were 0 in both trapping locations.
  • Soybeans: Many soybeans in the R1 to R4 stage of development.  Japanese beetle and grasshopper feeding damage were found at low levels in most fields.  Scouts started sweeping soybean fields for stinkbugs this past week.  Only the occasional stink bug was seen or caught in sweep nets so far.  Downy mildew showing up in some fields, but not a concern.
  • Alfalfa: Some fields were cut for 3rd harvest, others are growing back from 3rd harvest.  Potato leaf hopper numbers remain low.

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