Week of July 7 – 11 Scouting Report Summary


  • Apples:  Scab showing up on developing apple fruit in some orchards.  Red mites are over economic threshold level in some orchards.  Certain varieties of apples appear to be more susceptible.  Some green apple aphids have also been found.
  • Grapes:  Scouts noted symptoms of grape black rot in some locations.  Light defoliation due to Japanese beetle feeding has been found across vineyards.
  • Brambles, Blackberries and Raspberries: No spotted wing drosophila or brown marmorated stink bugs found in traps yet.  Some Japanese beetle defoliation occurring on some plants.
  • Blueberries:  Some early varieties are turning color, no problems noted by scouts.  No spotted wing drosophila found in any of the traps.

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