Scouting Report for June 25- July 1


  • Overview: Wet weather conditions have continued and crops in low areas of fields are showing some wet soil related stresses.  Bacterial disease incidence is increasing.  Japanese beetles have shown up and are feeding on a number of vegetable and fruit crops.
  • Tomatoes: Bacterial diseases (bacterial spot and bacterial canker) in field grown tomatoes are showing up with more frequency.   Early blight and septoria leaf spot are also being found in fields.  In high tunnel tomatoes, scouts continue to find timber rot and botrytis.  Variegated climbing cutworm damage to fruit has been observed in some high tunnels.
  • Sweet Corn:  Some plantings are at silk stage this week.  European corn borer moth catches in traps continues to be high and corn borer damage in sweet corn has ranged from 2 to 30%.  Corn near or at silk is being sprayed to prevent corn borer damage.  No corn earworm moths have been caught in traps yet.
  • Potatoes:  Most are in bloom.  Potato leaf hopper (PLH) counts have been low.  Colorado potato beetle (CPB) pressure continues.  Some low incidence of potato black leg, a bacterial disease has been found in one grower field (photo by Chris Smedley attached).
  • Eggplant generally looks good but growers are experiencing heavy CPB numbers in some plantings.
  • Green/snap beans are ready to harvest in some fields and generally look good.  There has been some light damage levels due to bean leaf beetle, grasshopper and Japanese beetle feeding.
  • Onions are forming bulbs and pushing up against plastic soil covers.  Thrip damage has remained light.
  • Cabbage is forming heads and overall looking very good.  Some fields have cabbage worms above threshold levels.
  • Winter squash and pumpkins are in bloom and vines are running.  Angular leaf spot can be found along with light feeding damage by cucumber beetles and Japanese beetles.  One of the bigger issues is weed control.  The wet weather is preventing timely cultivation.
  • Zucchini and summer squash are ready to harvest in some fields.  Similar to winter squash and pumpkins, angular leaf spot is present in many plantings.
  • Cucumbers are approaching harvest in some fields and the crop looks good.
  • Japanese beetles were found in numbers and feeding damage above threshold levels in some black raspberries and were also found in lower numbers in some grape vines.

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