Week of June 16 – 20 Scout Summary


  • Corn: Scouted fields ranged from v1 to v7 stage of development.  One field that had slugs at threshold level, treated with bait and got very good control, new leaves did not show slug feeding damage.  Most other fields had just light slug feeding damage.  Other insects found in small numbers causing light damage to corn include black cutworm, corn borer, stalk borer and armyworm.  Weeds are an issue in some fields.
  • Soybeans:  Many soybean fields just planted.  Stage of development ranged from emergence to V3. Some light slug and bean leaf beetle feeding damage was noted.
  • Alfalfa: Potato leafhoppers were noted at low levels.  Aphid numbers have declined from the previous week.  The alfafa plant bug showed up in small to medium numbers and a few stink bugs were found in sweep nets.

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