Week of June 16- 20 Scout Summary


  • Cole crops: Cabbage, Cauliflower and Broccoli:  Most cole crops look good.  Imported cabbage worm larvae were found in some fields at economic treatment threshold levels.  Flea beetle damage and numbers were noted at mostly low levels.
  • Onions and Garlic: Thrips are generally present but at low levels, well below threshold.
  • Peas:  Doing well at this time with no problems noted.
  • High tunnel tomatoes:  Botrytis, early blight, pith necrosis and timber rot/white mold diseases were noted by scouts along with tobacco spotted wilt virus (vectored by thrips) noted on some cherry tomatoes.
  • Field tomatoes:  Most tomatoes looking good at this point.  Some early blight was found and a sample submitted for possible bacterial spot diagnosis.
  • Sweet corn: Corn tasseling beginning in some fields. Corn borer damage was noted, still below economic treatment threshold.  Corn borer moths are being caught in pheromone traps.  Armyworm damage was found at light levels.
  • Cucumbers:  Cucumber beetles being found.  Several fields over economic treatment threshold.  Angular leaf spot, a bacterial disease, is appearing on some plants.
  • Zucchini and Summer Squash:  Cucumber beetles at threshold in some fields.  Scouts noted angular leaf spot, and anthracnose diseases, also some blossom end rot.
  • Winter Squash and Pumpkins:  Cucumber beetles were found over economic threshold level in some fields.  Some light slug feeding was also noted.
  • Melons: Anthracnose and bacterial wilt have been found.  Some melons had cucumber beetles over economic threshold.  Some light slug feeding was found.
  • Potatoes:  Colorado potato beetles (CPB) are being found in moderate to heavy numbers, eggs, larvae and adult forms.  Many potatoes have CPB over economic threshold and are spraying for control.
  • Peppers: Most peppers looking good. Scouts did note some light feeding by flea beetles on some plants.
  • Eggplant: Potato leaf hopper (PLH), CPB, and flea beetles were all found on eggplant.  All three insects were found in some planting s over economic treatment level.
  • Green/Snap Beans:  Some anthracnose was noted on green beans.  Slug feeding, bean leaf beetle feeding damage were noted at light levels in some plantings.  Grasshoppers were found at small numbers.  PLH were noted at above economic treatment threshold in some plantings.

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