Week of May 19 – 23 Scout Summary


  • Asparagus: Scouts are noting the presence of both asparagus beetles and eggs.
  •  Cole crops: Cabbage, Cauliflower and Broccoli:  Overall cole crops are looking good. Scouts noted the presence of light to moderate levels of flea beetles in some plantings and also detected a few eggs of the imported cabbage worm on some plants.  Some light slug feeding damage on some broccoli was noted.
  •  Onions and Garlic: Scouts noted the presence of thrips below threshold level on some plants.
  •  Peas:  Doing well at this time with no problems noted.
  •  Lettuce: Some lettuce planted under row cover was doing well and approaching harvest stage with no pest problems noted.
  • High tunnel tomatoes:  Scouts reporting tomatoes at bud, bloom and fruit set stage of development. There was some botrytis gray mold noted as well as some aphid eggs.  Overall, high tunnel tomatoes developing well.
  •  Sweet corn planted under row cover or early field planted: ranged in size from  1 inch to 8 to 10 inches tall on some row covered sweet corn.  Some light slug damage and light cutworm damage observed by scouts in sweet corn under row cover.
  •  Cucumbers: Scouts noted cucumbers in high tunnels at bloom and fruit set stage and other cucumbers planted under row cover at bloom stage of development.

  → Other crops noted as planted under row cover include green beans, melons, squash. 

  •  Potatoes:  Planted, scouts noted most have emerged.  No pest problems at this point.

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