Wayne County IPM Notes from the Week of July 12th – July 16th

Agronomic Crops

Crop development progressed rapidly in the last week with the abundance of moisture and warm temperatures. Corn plants are either tasseling or nearly there, soybeans have started to flower and overall, there was a lot of new growth.

European Corn Borer and Armyworm found feeding in field corn. The ECB was found feeding on this tassel that has yet to emerge.

Japanese beetles continue to feed in corn, soybeans, and alfalfa. Stink bugs are also out in corn and soybeans, although, stink bugs are more damaging later in the season during ear and pod development, respectively. We are also finding an uptick in worm damage in corn, from both the European Corn Borer and Armyworm.

Potato Leaf Hopper counts were at or below threshold this week. Considering that many alfalfa fields are starting into bloom, we anticipate that fields will be cut before our PLH counts would go over threshold.

Vegetable Crops

Of most importance, the Vegetable Pathology Lab in Wooster confirmed Downy Mildew on a cucumber plot at OARDC. Cucumber growers are highly encouraged to begin taking action to protect their plants, especially as more cases are confirmed around the area.

Japanese beetles are out in force this year and continue to be one of the most consistent insect pests from week to week on a wide range of crops. Other insect pests of note included Colorado Potato Beetles that have migrated off of harvested potato plantings in into tomato and eggplant plantings. In squash, we have still been finding quite a few squash bug egg masses. Squash Vine Borers have also been spotted in some area pumpkin plantings.

Colorado Potato Beetles feeding on a tomato plant. Tommy Becker photo.

During these heavy rains, we have noticed a significant amount of soil splashed up onto the plants and fruit. This will likely encourage more disease incidence. Accordingly, take extra time and care to scout your crops in the coming weeks.

Sweet corn pests like corn ear worm and European corn borer are not showing much activity in our traps. We occasionally find damaged tassels from ECB feeding, however, we have yet to have any fields go over the 10% damage threshold.

Small Fruit and Orchards

 Between last week and this week, we have seen a sustained flight of oriental fruit moth in area peach blocks as our traps have been well over threshold for the last two weeks. Our codling moth traps still do not show much activity.

Over ripe Lodi apple that had spilt following a heavy rain.

We did find some interesting things while scouting apples this week, including blister spot on some “Delicious” apple varieties and Lodi apples that had burst and fell off the trees due to being over ripe.

As a note for all small fruit growers, all of our traps for SWD in the area are currently catching SWD, therefore, we recommend you treat your small fruit. Pay close attention to the label, especially the REI (re-entry interval) and PHI (pre-harvest interval). Another note for all fruit crops, Japanese beetles are feeding on grapes, apples, peaches, and blueberries. The beetles can do significant defoliation as well as damage to the fruit.


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