Carcass Contests

The carcass live shows will be held this week! The live beef show will be held tonight on Thursday, August 27 at 7:00 PM in the Coliseum, with check-in beginning at 6:00 PM. The live sheep show will take place in the sheep arena on Saturday, August 29th at 9:00 AM with weigh-in beginning at 8:00 AM. Unfortunately, the results portion of the carcass shows will not be open to the public, but video of the results shows will be available on the Wayne County 4-H Facebook page. Beef results will be available on the evening of Tuesday, September 1 and sheep results will be available on the evening of Thursday, September 3.

Carcass Show Update

Due to current state and local guidelines surrounding COVID-19, the results portion of the beef and sheep carcass shows will not be open to the public. The live portions of these shows will still be conducted at the Fairgrounds following mask and social distancing guidelines. The animals will then be trucked to the processing facility as usual and graded by our judges, who will assist in the production of a video that will detail the scoring systems and the 2020 placing results. Once production is complete, this video will then be released the following evening on the Wayne County 4-H Facebook page and the species subgroups of this page. Thanks go out to everyone for your flexibility and willingness to adhere to mask and social distancing guidelines through this time.

2015 Market Beef Tagging & Weigh-In Procedure

All Dairy Steers, Beef Steers/Heifers and Carcass Steers/Heifers must be TAGGED and WEIGHED at county check-in on SATURDAY, JANUARY 17, 2015 at Wayne County Fairgrounds, Wooster 10:00 A.M. TO 2:00 P.M.

In case of inclement weather, listen to WQKT 104.5 FM for cancellation. The back-up check-in date will be January 24th.

Calves must be tagged and weighed on January 17th.  Members need not be present, however calves not tagged and weighed at the county check-in will not be eligible for Wayne County Junior Fair participation.

Rate of gain will be figured accordingly. NO BULL calves will be tagged. ALL calves must be castrated prior to weigh-in or will be ineligible for participation. If steers are clamped, this should be done prior to early November. Calves should be dehorned and haltered for check-in.

Each member may tag and weigh-in (2) beef steers, (2) market beef heifers, (2) dairy steers, and (2) carcass evaluation steers or heifers for a total of eight (8) animals. DAIRY STEERS MUST BE PURE DAIRY BREEDS. Beef steers may be purebred or crossbred beef breeds. Beef steers/heifers that were born at a Wayne County residence and raised by a 4-H/FFA member in Wayne County are also eligible to be entered in the “Wayne County Born & Raised” class at the fair (must complete form at January weigh – in).

Recommended weight is 400-600 pounds in the fall.

Please get new member addresses to the extension office and we will mail them a weigh-in information letter directly.

Each member must identify one market animal in his/her name.  Extra (backup) animals may be signed up / weighed in under one family for all siblings in that family.  All backup animals must be added onto each child’s weigh-in form.

****A beef or dairy steer may be tagged and weighed as both a fair show steer and as a carcass steer. If during the year the animal loses it’s ear tag, the member must contact the Extension Office immediately.****

2015 Beef Pre-Fair Show Options

All market beef and dairy market beef exhibitors will be required to once again show/exhibit during one of the following options prior to the Wayne County Fair.

  • OPTION 1:  During the January check-in, the member can show his/her animal. If the animal is not calmly lead several times around the ‘show area’ then the committee will expect that the member return to one of the following options prior to the Wayne County Fair.
  • OPTION 2:  Showing at any winter/spring preview or jackpot show (including OCA BEST show).  Member must get a paid entry receipt to the extension office by August 1st.
  • OPTION 3:  Showing at the spring show held in April at the Wayne County Fairgrounds. Member can show during the regular show OR at the end of the show there will be a beef showmanship class and a dairy beef showmanship class. There is no entry fee and no pre-registration.
  • OPTION 4:  Exhibit a steer at the OSF.  Member must get proof of exhibition to the extension office by August 10.

Members who want to exhibit a dairy beef AND a market beef animal will need to show BOTH prior to the Wayne County Fair. Show means to lead the animal(s) several times around the arena and set up as would be expected in an actual show. Back up animals do not need to be shown.

If you do not show your animal(s) during any of the above opportunities, YOU WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE TO EXHIBIT YOUR ANIMAL(S) AT THE WAYNE COUNTY JUNIOR FAIR.

This is an effort to get youth more involved with their projects and create more interest and time spent with the projects to help ensure a quality experience at the fair and to improve the quality of our show.

IMPORTANT Message to all Jr. Fair BEEF Exhibitors, Parents, and Advisors

Dear Jr Fair Beef exhibitor:

I hope you are finishing all your last minute details in preparation of the fair. During a recent beef committee meeting an error was reported to us from the last 4-H Link newsletter. We want to make sure you are aware of the mistake on the salmon colored sheet within the newsletter. It incorrectly stated the beef breeding arrival time.

Please be advised that:

Steers must arrive by 10am Friday. All feeder calves AND BREEDING BEEF must be in place by 5:00pm on Friday (Sept. 5). Feeder calves must be weighed following the steers (~5:30).

Check in for breeding beef is from 4-6pm in the Coliseum on Friday to confirm entries.

The Committee will stand by the 5:00 pm time as included in this letter and in the 2014 junior fair book. If you should have any questions please call the office @ 330.264.8722.

Along with this note, please read over the informational sheet to find pertinent information about your beef projects at the fair!

Thank you,

Stephen Heppe

4-H Program Assistant

OSU Extension – Wayne County

2014 Important Beef Rules to Follow

Jr. Fair Beef Clinic – July 7, 2014

The Wayne County Beef Committee is offering a beef clinic for youth to learn about feeding their beef project.

The clinic will be held Monday July 7, 2014 at 6:30 pm in the Coliseum at the Wayne County Fairgrounds.

Town and Country Co-op’s Jeremy Barber will share information about feeding and finishing your market beef project.  In the next month you should receive a junior fair entry book from your advisor.  Make sure to review all the rules for your project.

Don’t forget – only mulch is to be used for bedding in the beef barns.  Mulch will be provided by the Beef Committee.

Jr. Fair entries are due August 1st!