2021 Junior Fair Royal Court

Congratulations go out to the following Junior Fair Board members who applied to serve on the 2021 Wayne County Junior Fair Royal Court.  We wish you well and look forward to seeing you out and about at the shows and events throughout this year’s fair!  Be sure to see the crowning of the new King, Queen, Prince, and Princess in the Event Center at 8 pm on Saturday, September 11th.

King Candidates:
Ethan Gasser
Gavin Maibach
Gavin Snyder
Ben Rhoads

Queen Candidates:
Christine Anfang
Caitlyn DeMassimo
Libby Grossniklaus
Morgan Johnson
Morgan Vodika
Kailynn Wickens

Buyer’s Letters for Market Livestock Projects

Why should you write a buyer’s letter?  A buyer’s letter is a letter that a 4-H member sends out to potential buyers before the fair to tell them a little about themselves and their animal, and to invite them to the fair and livestock auction. It is your responsibility to help get new and returning buyers to come to the livestock sales. Some people come to the fair every year and buy one or more animals, but without new buyers, a time may come where there aren’t enough buyers to purchase all the animals.  New buyers or returning buyers that are happy with the letters they have received are more likely to come to the fair and pay the premium prices we all enjoy receiving for our animals. Buyers pay far more than the market value of the animals we sell and it is up to the individual exhibitor to encourage as many potential buyers as possible to come to the  fair and bid on their animals. Many buyers have told us that they love personal letters from the 4-H and FFA members.

Click the links below for sample buyer letters, list of last year’s buyers, and help sheet to get you started!

Sample Buyer Letter

1-2-3’s of Marketing Your Project

2020 Buyers List

Rabbit Tattooing – August 28

Tattooing will be available for all rabbits on August 28 from 9:00 AM to noon in the Fairgrounds Event Center. All market rabbits MUST be tattooed by the committee. If you have a pet or breeding rabbit, you are welcome to have someone else, such as the breeder, tattoo the rabbit for you. All rabbits must be tattooed to be able to exhibit at the fair. Purchased market rabbits are REQUIRED to attend the August 28 tattoo date. If they do not attend, they cannot exhibit at the fair. The exhibitor does not have to be present, just the rabbits. You may only bring six purchased market rabbits to be tattooed. Bred, Born, and Raised rabbits are HIGHLY encouraged to attend the August 28th tattooing. There is no tattoo limit for BBR market rabbits.

2021 Junior Fair Livestock Auction Information Available

Attention all market exhibitors – 2021 livestock auction information is now available! Letters containing detailed sale information were sent to recent buyers earlier this week. As always, we encourage new buyers to attend our auction! Click the links below for new buyer information and flyers for this year’s sale.

Please note that once again, custom processing reservations must be made in advance if buyers wish to receive the meat from the animal they purchase. Reservations must be made by September 1.  No additional options of custom processing are guaranteed to be offered at the time of the fair. Please read the custom processing information sheet before reserving your slot. Click the links below for additional information on custom processing and to reserve a processing slot.

2021 Custom Processing Information

2021 Custom Processing Reservations

New Buyer Letter

Junior Fair Sale Brochure

2021 Sale Flyer

Buyer Group Registration Form

Livestock Auction Donation Add-On Form

Junior Fair Baking Contest

Entries are now being accepted for the 2021 Wayne County Junior Fair Baking Contest! The contest is open to all Wayne County youth ages 8 – 18.  Prizes will be awarded!  Click here for  the rules and entry form. All entries are due at 4:30 PM on September 10th. All baked goods will be auctioned and proceeds will be used to help fund various 4-H activities throughout the year.

Goat Milk Butterfat Award

Attention all dairy goat exhibitors – we will now be offering a new award for the highest butterfat content! The testing is free and will be held on August 9th from 6:00pm-7:00pm at the Goat/Sheep Arena. This is the only night for this testing! Please bring the form located here along with 1/4 cup of your goat’s refrigerated milk in a glass container to be tested. The winner will be awarded at the Wayne County Fair during the dairy goat show on Tuesday, September 14th.

Rotating Horse Trophy Return

This is reminder for all horse youth that received a rotating trophy during last year’s fair.  Please make sure your name is engraved and the trophies are returned to the Extension Office by August 1st.  If you’re not able to bring it into the office by August 1st, please bring it to the Horse Super Fun Show on the evening of Tuesday, August 3rd.