***New*** Required Training for all 4-H Advisors / Volunteers

In accordance with Ohio State University policy 1.50, effective January 1, 2015 all 4-H advisors and volunteers are required to complete an annual training session focused on recognizing and reporting the signs of child abuse and neglect as well as other important details related to your responsibilities as a 4-H advisor / volunteer.

The Wayne County Extension Office will offer 5 training sessions in 2015.  All 4-H advisors / volunteers must attend one of these required sessions to be eligible to serve as a 4-H advisor / volunteer in 2015.  The dates and times for the training sessions are listed below.

In addition to the required training topics, these sessions will also feature updates about new projects, project requirements, fair rule changes, and breakout sessions on a variety of topics to help with club meetings and activities.

Required Advisor Trainings:

Tuesday Feb. 3rd 7:00 pm Fisher Auditorium
Saturday Feb. 7th 9:00 am Fisher Auditorium
Wednesday Feb. 11th 7:00 pm Fisher Auditorium
Thursday Feb. 12th 7:00 pm Fisher Auditorium
Thursday Feb. 19th 7:00 pm Fisher Auditorium

Please note we were originally planning to offer a training on February 5th but due to scheduling conflicts we have cancelled the February 5th training and added a training on February 19th.   New Advisors are welcome to attend any of these 5 sessions but must still go through the application / background check / interview process.

Registration for these 5 sessions is now open.  Simply click the link below to fill out a short online registration form.  Please complete your registration by February 1, 2015.


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  1. Cannot find the online sign up for the registration form and link for registering online that is supposed to be available in early January. Please contact me, as two other advisors and myself would like to sign up for the last February class being held on the 19th at 7 pm.

    Thank you,

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